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April 19th, 2015

Episode 68 of 304 episodes

NO AGENDA EPISODE 714 - "GAY SIRI"Gay SiriDirect [link] to the mp3 fileExecutive Producers: Joseph Gilbert, Black Knight Sab Swiss, Sir Hank-Viscount of Queens, NYAssociate Executive Producers: Sir Arcane Code, intelliARMOR LLC, Julian Swan, Pete Arnold III, Sir Nick of the Southside, Dame Sam, Clwnsho, Dave Jackson, Rob Van Dijk, Baronetess Dame Monica Lansing, Claudia Gerber, Terri Morgan, Sir Ara Derderian, Danny BakerBecome a member of the 715 Club, support the showhereSign Upfor thenewsletterKnighthoods: Robert Cain -> Sir Arcane Code, Kevin LaCombe -> Sir Kevin LaCombe, Dave Kekish -> Sir KekishArt By: Thijs BrouwersShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc)714.noagendanotes.comNew: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used)archive.noagendanotes.comThe No Agenda News Network-noagendanewsnetwork.comRSS PodcastFeedGet theNo Agenda News Appfor your iPhone and iPadGet theNoAgendDroid appfor your Android PhoneTorrentsof each episode via BitLoveNew!BitTorrent Syncthe No Agenda ShowLast Modified 04/19/2015 19:50:51This page created with the FreedomController

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