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You know those podcasts where famous people recount their lives and careers, and then things get emotional? That is NOT this show! Hosted by internet superstar Grace Helbig, "Not Too Deep" is a ridiculous, silly, and unapologetically superficial interview podcast, that is more about the laffs than about the feels.

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Ep. 31 - Kian Lawley

August 2nd, 2015

Episode 32 of 117 episodes

Wow, who knew that Kian had such amazingly embarrassing stories? YOU will, once you listen to this hilarious episode. His Christmas pants story? Oh boy. I'll never be the same. This is one of our funniest episodes yet! - Did you like this episode? Did you hate it? Did you feel meh? Go leave us a review on iTunes! Otherwise, how will we ever learn? iTunes.com/nottoodeep - Please remember that this episode is brought to you for free by our extremely generous sponsors: Squarespace and Warby Parker. Please go support them so they continue to support us!

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