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Hosts/nerds Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are your friendly music buddies with the week's best new music discoveries, including conversations with emerging artists, icons and more. Hear songs that can completely change your day, with humor, heart and (sometimes) a whole lot of noise. Directions for use: Morning commute, the gym, or alone time. (If rash persists, discontinue use.)


Laura Veirs, Harold Budd, Pujol, Exitmusic, More

September 20th, 2011

Episode 362 of 811 episodes

This week onAll Songs Considered, youth and age meet in the middle. A still-kickingTony Bennettteams up with the still freakishly youngLady Gagaon his newDuets II;Laura Veirs, who was very pregnant the last time she visited NPR, marks her new motherhood with a children's album; andHarold Budd, the wizened experimental composer who announced his retirement from music years ago, reemerges with one of the most beautiful albums of his career. Also on this episode: Exitmusic and Milagres, two New York bands with a fondness for echoing drums and spooky falsetto. 1. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett: "The Lady Is A Tramp" from 'Duets II' 2. Exitmusic: "The Sea" from 'From Silence' 3. Milagres: "Halfway" from 'Glowing Mouth' 4. Laura Veirs: "Little Lap Dog" from 'Tumble Bee' 5. Harold Budd: "Haru Spring" from 'In The Mist' 6. Pujol: "Stuff" from 'Nasty, Brutish and Short' 7. AA Bondy: "The Heart Is Willing" from 'Believers' 8. The Olivia Tremor Control: "New Day" from 'Black Foliage...'

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