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#359: He Tried To Save A Broke City. Then He Disappeared.

April 4th, 2012

Episode 463 of 964 episodes

David Unkovic is a thoughtful, mild-mannered guy who was appointed to save Harrisburg, Pa. The city had gone broke, and it was Unkovic's job to figure out how to fix things.We visited Harrisburg a few weeks back. We talked to Unkovic. We talked to some of the people in Harrisburg who were suing him. And we visited the incinerator, a boondoggle that drove the city to bankruptcy.Then, last week, Unkovic quit. "I find myself in an untenable position in the political and ethical crosswinds," hishandwritten resignation lettersays. "I wish the citizens of Harrisburg well in their ongoing quest for fiscal stability and good government, both of which they truly deserve."Since resigning, Unkovic has gone missing. And he hasn't returned our calls or emails.

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