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"Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies" co-author and online entrepreneur Amy Porterfield shows you exactly how to monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts using her own tested, ACTIONABLE lead generation strategies -- so you can successfully launch and promote a new program, grow your email list, get more leads, build your authority, turn your customers into raving advocates OR simply find the time (and mindset!) to rock your social media and content marketing. From creating an online course to video marketing, webinar recording, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, new content creation (including eBooks, guides and cheat sheets) and email marketing, Amy is going to reveal what works (and what doesn't) once and for all. Why? Because after an awesome, inspiring stint with Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, Amy figured out what she really loves: helping small business owners like you break down BIG, powerful strategies into step-by-step actions…so you can see BIG, powerful results, fast.


#107: How Do I Price My Online Course?

April 28th, 2016

Episode 112 of 155 episodes

I want you to price your next (or first!) online course with confidence. In your heart of hearts, are you getting paid what you’re worth? Are you hitting the “sweet spot” of pricing perfection? This week I tackle these questions and give you a seven-step pricing strategy so you can determine what you should really charge for your course—and feel whole about the entire process. I am INCREDIBLY passionate about this topic. Creating my own profitable and content-driven online courses has been the key to my success and I want to make it the key to your success too. But first, I have something really exciting to share with you. I have a new LIVE master class ready to be unveiled: “How to Confidently Create Your First Six-Figure Course in 60 Days.” In this master class, I share the secrets I’ve learned from helping 38,000 entrepreneurs, while making more than $6 million in revenue. Grab your spot (it’s free!) here. Now, back to today’s topic: In your gut, are you charging what you’re worth? I would bet that this is the hardest part to starting your first online course—or even maybe your second or third. Ask yourself these three questions: Are you afraid to ask for what you’re worth? Are you willing to deliver 10x the value of what you’re charging? Does your price point attract the clientele you want? Let’s dig into the seven steps here. One of the first steps I share is surprisingly missed by many entrepreneurs. It is such a crucial part in determining your price and I don’t want you to skip it. Then, we tackle how your product fits into your business. This is key for determining the most attractive price point for what you are offering. I ask you a couple of questions to help you through this step. It can be a tricky road to navigate. Listen here. Next, we talk about the length of time it can take to launch and re-launch your product. Ultimately, I want to help you get solid on how you feel about the price you’ve set. Once you decide on the price point, you’ve got to own it. These seven steps will help you do just that. Own your price. Be confident. And go sell it. Links mentioned in this episode: Mattress Method with Marie Forleo Episode 54: The Secret Mindset Shifts for Success with Ramit Sethi How to Confidently Create Your First Six-Figure Course Podcast Details: Click here to download the transcript of this week's episode. Click Here to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) The post #107: How Do I Price My Online Course? appeared first on Amy Porterfield.

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