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"Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies" co-author and online entrepreneur Amy Porterfield shows you exactly how to monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts using her own tested, ACTIONABLE lead generation strategies -- so you can successfully launch and promote a new program, grow your email list, get more leads, build your authority, turn your customers into raving advocates OR simply find the time (and mindset!) to rock your social media and content marketing. From creating an online course to video marketing, webinar recording, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, new content creation (including eBooks, guides and cheat sheets) and email marketing, Amy is going to reveal what works (and what doesn't) once and for all. Why? Because after an awesome, inspiring stint with Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, Amy figured out what she really loves: helping small business owners like you break down BIG, powerful strategies into step-by-step actions…so you can see BIG, powerful results, fast.


#96: How to Find Clarity & Get Focused with Marie Forleo

February 4th, 2016

Episode 100 of 155 episodes

Marie Forleo has been in the online entrepreneurship game for seventeen years. She's appeared on Oprah, been interviewed by Tony Robbins, hung out with Richard Branson. ...and shestill doesn’t feel like she’s ever had a “big break.” Yes, really. The whole "big break" thing is a myth, Marie says. And that's not because she doesn't know how it feels to wish for one! She remembers sittingin her studio apartment, staring at the computer screen, fantasizing about the "fairy business godmother" who would sweep in and discover her potential. But the career she's built today--the best-selling books, the hugely popular MarieTV series, the constant stream of success stories from her B School training program who approach her on the street to thank her for changing their lives--didn't come from a singleamazing opportunity being dropped into her lap. "What I’ve been able to see now, in hindsight, is there is no single opportunity that anyone else can give you that is more important for your success than the small daily actions you must take every day." Great quote, right? There's more to come. Every question I askedMarie in our interview brought some amazing sound bites--I was scrambling to write them all down! To get a taste of her wisdom in these quotes...listen to the whole episode for Marie's insightson how to overcome perfectionism and self-doubt, the main way to unite your audience into a tribe, and what daily actions you musttake to achieve the success you desire! If you want to sign up for Marie's FREE Video Series (You need to watch Video 2 - trust us!), click here to sign up! Links mentioned in this episode Marie Forleo Tony Robbins Frank Kern Episode 93: Rachel Luna Josh and Jill Stanton Marie TV Marie Forleo on Facebook Coach University Toast Masters Marie Forleo: Shameless Self Promotion Marie Forleo: How to Believe in Your Business Marie Forleo on Instagram Marie's Book: "Make Every Man Want You" Amy's 30 Day Business Builder Think Tank Facebook Group Podcast Details: Click here to download the transcript of this week's episode. Click Here to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) The post #96: How to Find Clarity & Get Focused with Marie Forleo appeared first on Amy Porterfield.

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