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Outdoorsy 4: Exploring The Underground World Of Caves


Outdoorsy 4: Exploring The Underground World Of Caves

January 17th, 2017

In this episode, we’re venturing to a different kind of destination. It’s not exactly outdoors…but there’s no heating or air conditioning. It’s musty, damp and that’s what some people love about it. Often the only light source is the light you bring. We’re going underground. In this episode we’re exploring the world of spelunking. But people who do this don’t actually call it that. They refer to the activity as caving. We’ll meander through a threatened cave system in the region, find out all about the gear you need for underfoot activities and learn about subterranean spots in Sequoia National Park. Did you know there are more than 300 caves there? Millerton Caves In December we went underground to a place called Millerton Caves along the San Joaquin River Gorge with a local caver. The caves are about a 20-minute drive from Fresno, plus a 30-minute hike once you arrive. They’re in an area where the river cuts through a steep canyon. A 13-mile one-way trail runs along the river. We