Permaculture Tonight

Matt Powers

Science & Medicine, Natural Sciences

Permaculture Tonight is a podcast about what's happening in the world in permaculture right now. Hosted by Matt Powers, the podcast features interviews with experts in the field, discussions, recipes, permaculture tips, musings, musical numbers, updates on the Powers family permaculture system & a variety of guests. Self reliance, ethics & good food!


A reading from the Permaculture Student 2 which is slated for release Nov/Dec 2016 if all goes to plan. Keep up to date by signing up on our mailing list here: http://www.thepermaculturestudent.com (page bottom)

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Talking with Permaculture's co-creator, Bill Mollison's, grandson, Stuart Muir Wilson about everything from the 3rd ethic to teaching permaculture to Permatecture to extending permaculture past the garden technique stage. Learn more about his work here: http://www.designforhumanity.org.au

Talking with Michael Jordan of http://www.abeefriendlycompany.com about teaching kids, using a TopBarHive system from Justin Bithell of AbundantGardens.org, catching swarms, & more!!

Matt Powers talks How Purpose leads to Positivity if alignment occurs holistically. Check it out! Learn more about permaculture here: http://www.thepermaculturestudent.com