An Abundant Future with Matt Powers

Matt Powers

Science & Medicine, Natural Sciences

An Abundant Future with Matt Powers is a podcast focused on ushering in a syntropic future of abundance and regeneration. Hear from experts from all over the world who are actively working to reverse the damage we've done to our ecosystems and ourselves. Learn how to apply these lessons to your own life and help bring about the abundant future we all desire EVERY MONDAY!!


How do we make Lasting Change? In our own lives? In our backyards? It's all about adopting new patterns...

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Matt Powers is joined by Justin Bithel of Orange County California to talk about how bees can solve climate change & how we need to make it easier for everyone to work with bees. His amazing hive can be constructed without glue, nails, or screws. It's marine-quality wood too! Check out his hives here: https://www.abundantgardens.org/shop/...