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Perpetual Chess features weekly conversations with the Chess World's best players, promoters, and educators about their lives, careers, current projects, and best practices. Learn more at PerpetualChessPod.com


As someone who spent formative years in both the former Soviet Union, and the US, EugenePerelshteyn has studied with and competed against many iconic chess players and trainers. Eugene discusses the different approaches he encountered from various trainers and also discusses how he approaches helping his chess own students. We also relive...

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GM David Smerdon is one of those people who seems to find more hours in the day than the rest of us. In addition to being the #2 player in Australia, he recently completed his Ph.D. in economics and landed a job as an assistant professor in his native Brisbane. David also manages to stay quite active in and vocal about chess, particularly on his...

GM Pontus Carlsson speaks severallanguages, has lived many places, and is, of course, excellent at chess. In our interview, Carlsson discusses his ascent as a young chess talent in Sweden, race relations inside and outside of the world of chess, plus he reveals a grandmaster's secret for how to play while in time trouble. We also talk abut how...

IM David Pruess has been a fixture on the US Chess Scene throughout the 2000s. In our interview, we talk about David's early chess days in the Bay Area, his ideas for improving your tactics, and his complicated history as an early employee withchess.com. David also tells us about his new job, and why he chooses to pursue a career outside of the...