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Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that shares a land border with the European Union. It voted to stay in the EU in last year’s referendum. Tens of thousands cross between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland every day to work. Matthew Gwyther, the editor of Management Today, travels across Northern Ireland to find out how...

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Productivity, or the lack of it, is one of the great puzzles of the British economy at the moment. Productivity is not about how hard we work, but how much value we get for each hour of graft. And the French seem to be better at that than the British. Jonty Bloom explores how workers in France can put in shorter hours and take longer holidays...

Why are Mexicans working abroad sending more money back home? Last year total remittance payments for Mexico reached a record of nearly $27bn – most of that came from Mexicans working in the United States. But it’s a sensitive time with President Trump determined to clamp down on illegal immigrants and build a wall along the US-Mexican border....

Denmark is on course to generate 50% of its electricity from wind power in the next three years. The move towards clean energy and self sufficiency stands in stark contrast to the situation the country found itself in after the 1973 oil crisis when street lighting was reduced and people were told not to drive on Sundays. Keith Moore visits the...