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PHOTOTIPS has become one of the fastest growing podcast on iTunes and maybe THE fastest growing one in Photography. One iTunes subscriber explains why.... -With so many podcasts out there, it is rare to find a true gem. James does an excellent job of explaining the concepts of photography in everyday language that anyone can understand – and he does it with humor and in an entertaining way. I find myself looking forward to each week’s podcast. If you had to choose only one photography podcast, this would be it! He also offers a great photography class online for a truly discount price which I also highly recommend to any budding photographer....

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Episode 22 - Cloudy with a chance of awesome. What does the PSG look like?

October 15th, 2009

Episode 16 of 207 episodes

What does the PSG look like?? Hold on ladies, we reveal him in his awesomeness. (May be the biggest let down since Geraldo opened Al Capone's Vault. ) We also answer an email question on how to take really cool pictures of clouds. Plus save 20% on your new SmugMug account. Love those guys.

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