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Episode 8: Collaboration with Melissa Alam of The Hive


Episode 8: Collaboration with Melissa Alam of The Hive

September 16th, 2015

 In today's episode of #fireworkpeople, Ashley Beaudin talks with Melissa Alam about collaborating together as women.   YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN VIA SOUNDCLOUD / ITUNES DISCUSSION POINTS:Working with other people only creates larger networks, larger opportunities, and more people to put eyes on what you're doing.We feel like if we collaborate we are losing things or giving away our ideas, but it is so beneficial for your business. There is room for us all. THINGS MELISSA & ASHLEY SAID: CLICK TO TWEET!I'm an idea-holic. I'm passionate about ideas. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastCollaboration is the way to go. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastI love being the underdog and proving people wrong. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastA light level of competition keeps you on your toes and keeps you innovating. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastWhen collaborating, it's important to make sure expectations are clear in the beginning. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastI keep a notebook of ideas for when the time to collaborate happens. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastIt's ok to aim high if there is someone you want to collaborate with. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastI'm a huge believer that we are stronger united than separate. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastI am stronger with a team behind me. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastWe can all use a bigger team. - Melissa Alam on #FWPpodcastI am addicted to ideas and love making them happen really fast. - Ashley Beaudin on #FWPpodcastIt can be easy to get competitive with other women. - Ashley Beaudin on #FWPpodcastCompetition comes from a mindset of limited resources and there isn't room for everyone. - Ashley Beaudin on #FWPpodcastWhen we have the "enough for everyone" mindset it's super transformational. - Ashley Beaudin on #FWPpodcastThere are things we can only do together. - Ashley Beaudin on #FWPpodcastWe're on your team. - Ashley Beaudin on #FWPpodcastMORE FROM MELISSA: Melissa's Insta / The Hive Philly Insta / Femme and Fortune InstaMORE FROM ASHLEY:Website: www.ashbeaudin.comTwitter: @ashleybeaudin Instagram: @ashleybeaudy