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PodCastle is the world’s first audio fantasy magazine. Weekly, we broadcast the best in fantasy short stories, running the gammut from heart-pounding sword and sorcery, to strange surrealist tales, to gritty urban fantasy, to the psychological depth of magical realism. Our podcast features authors including Peter Beagle, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jim C. Hines, and Cat Rambo, among others. Terry Pratchett once wrote, “Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can.” Tune in to PodCastle each Tuesday for our weekly tale, and spend the length of a morning commute giving your imagination a work out.


Welcome to PodCastle’s first Eid issue. by Saladin Ahmed read by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali hosted by Farah Rishi First published in Slate Magazine Rated PG-13 Qumqam stood upside-down atop a cellphone tower, twirling at its pinnacle on his fingertip. When the humans had first started to besmirch the Earth with the things, Qumqam had thought them…...

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by Eric Schwitzgebel read by Tatiana Grey First published in Unlikely Story Rated PG-13. “— which suggests possible applications, if the cobbler is much younger. Don’t you think, Miss Professor?” The Dauphin sat twelve rows back — teenage heir apparent to the throne, playing at Academy student — smug smile, a ring of vacant seats… Continue...

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PC 474: Asymmetry

June 13th, 2017

by Kendra Fortmeyer read by Dagny Paul hosted by Setsu Uzume First published in Forge Journal Rated PG-13. She arrived at his apartment ten minutes late and discovered that she was already there. The woman was a champion worrier, but this was something she had not thought to worry about. She had considered: is this… Continue Reading PC 474:...

by Shane Halbach read by Dominick Rabrun A PodCastle Original! Rated PG-13. 2016 Russell walked past the Check-‘n-Go and the cell phone shops on either side of it. It was cold, and the bare branches of the leafless trees reached up to snatch plastic bags from the sky. He paused at a bit of graffiti… Continue Reading PC 473: The Wizard of 63rd...