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PodCastle is the world’s first audio fantasy magazine. Weekly, we broadcast the best in fantasy short stories, running the gammut from heart-pounding sword and sorcery, to strange surrealist tales, to gritty urban fantasy, to the psychological depth of magical realism. Our podcast features authors including Peter Beagle, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jim C. Hines, and Cat Rambo, among others. Terry Pratchett once wrote, “Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can.” Tune in to PodCastle each Tuesday for our weekly tale, and spend the length of a morning commute giving your imagination a work out.


byTina Connolly read by Gina Freeman First appeared in TOR.com. So, reason number 572 why living with a wicked witch sucks? Sometimes it’s a gorgeous summer Saturday, and instead of getting a well-deserved break from Sarmine’s weird witchy chores like dusting the dried newts, you end up as an unpaid babysitter for a party full… Continue Reading...

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by Jason Fischer read byWilson Fowlie First appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #180. There are many ways to kill an elephant. When that mountain bears down on you, shaking the earth and screaming for your blood, show no fear. Only without fear will you see the truth. They are quick, even draped in chain and… Continue Reading PodCastle 438: Defy...

byRachael K. Jones read byKhaalidah Muhammed-Ali First publishedin Flash Fiction Online. I thought the tendriled horrors were angels when we woke at sea that disastrous night and saw them falling on the waters. Now, Suneeti, on this abandoned island, they are radiant in the setting sun, their translucence licked gold by dusk. Clickhereto...

byMike Allen read bySetsu Uzume First printed in the anthology CORVIDAE, edited by Rhonda Parrish (World Weaver Press, July 2015). A spider with a leg span wider than my outstretched hand squeezed out from the space behind the light switch, and spread its wings. I froze, my finger still on the toggle. Behind me the… Continue Reading PodCastle...