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There's A Kind of Hum

August 13th, 2016

What is it? The sounds generated by mating fish? The US government? Or even the evolution of humans to hear electromagnetic waves... Steve Punt, BBC Radio 4's Mulder and Scully combined, turns his analytical ears to The Hum - heard by people, all over the world, tonight. For some of those who hear it, it's unpleasant, even distressing, for...

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Steve Punt visits rural Essex to explore the disappearance of actress Constance Kent.

Steve Punt returns as Radio 4's very own private detective. Punt travels to Paris to investigate the suspicious death of celebrated writer Émile Zola. Zola died in 1902 from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a blocked chimney. At the time, the authorities reached a verdict of accidental death. Subsequently, evidence has emerged that Zola's...

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The Great Mull Air Mystery

August 22nd, 2015

On Christmas Eve 1975, former Spitfire pilot Peter Gibbs took off from the unlit airfield on the Isle of Mull and never returned. It was a moonless night and having just finished dinner with his girlfriend at the Glenforsa Hotel, it seemed a bizarre and impetuous act. Then Gibbs' body was discovered on a hillside, but the plane was nowhere to be...