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RadioTalk: Wavelength, radio & helping the homeless

July 17th, 2014

Episode 199 of 201 episodes

This week’s RadioTalk examines how radio can be an essential companion and aid to people in the UK who are homeless. Paul Robinson talks to Tim Leech, CEO of Wavelength, a UK charity that provides radios to people who are vulnerable, isolated and in need of practical support; Ken Scott, a mental health and homeless worker in Westminster on how radio can really help people on the street reconnect with the world; and Michael Ferguson from voluntary sector organisation, The Passage, on how he helps people living rough on the streets, how to get them into hostels and the power of radio as a medium to overcome loneliness and isolation. Plus, we’ve got our regular round-up of the week in radio history with David Lloyd’s Radio Moments. Happy listening!File Download (27:23 min / 19 MB)

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