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The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast is the place to get the inspiration and resources you need to read aloud to your kids. Get motivated and encouraged to build your family culture around books! The podcast is a collection of inspiring and informative interviews to help parents, homeschoolers, and teachers make reading aloud a central part of family life. Reading aloud is more than just a literary education- it's a framework for family culture.


Are you and your kids familiar with books byG.A Henty? You’re certainly going to want to spend some time with him after hearing this episode. Jim Hodges, audio actor, former homeschooling dad, and creator of Jim Hodges Audio Booksis talking with Sarah in this episode about how to bring Henty, and history, to life. He […] Visit Read-Aloud Revival...

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Nathan Clarkson grew up asan out-of-the-box kid living with ADHD, mental illness, and (thankfully) a very loving mother, Sally. The two have recently published their story in the book Different, which details how stories helped to shape Nathan, and how his mom came to decide that what other people thought about their parenting and educational […...

If you are unsure which books being published today are worth your time (or if they’re worth your time at all)… thenthis brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast- all about some of the best books byliving authors- is for you. We’re launching season 10 of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast with an episodededicated to […] Visit Read-Aloud...

If you want to make more meaningful and lasting connections with your kids through books in 2017, then I have a tip for you: Don’t try to read aloudevery day. Not what you thought I would say? Well, then. You’d better listen to the rest. This episode of the podcast is the shortest yet– and […] Visit Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie