Restorative Justice On The Rise

Restorative Justice On The Rise

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Restorative Justice on The Rise is an international live dialogue via Webcast and Telecouncil platform, held weekly, reaching an international constituency of a wide spectrum of invididuals, organizations, professionals, academics, practitioners, stakeholders and beyond.


Dr. David Ragland

September 21st, 2015

Episode 106 of 111 episodes

Dr. David Ragland grew up in North St. Louis, a few miles from Ferguson, Mo. Dr. Ragland is the co-founder for the Truth-Telling Project in St. Louis, Mo and a Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies.The Truth Telling project is focused on developing a truth and reconciliation process to address structural violence and racismfor Ferguson and Beyond. David serves on the board of thePeaceandJusticeStudies Association. Additionally he is the United Nations Representative for the InternationalPeaceResearch Association. Over the past 13 years Dr. Ragland has taught at Bucknell University, Vassar College, Hofstra University, University of Toledo, Eastern Michigan University, Teachers College Columbia University Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and Washington University in St.Louis, Mo. Dr. Ragland’s research focuses on Restorative Justice, School & Social Violence, the School to Prison Pipeline, Peace Education, Philosophy of Education, Coloniality and Critical Race Theory.His most recent publication is a chapter titled"PeaceEducationas anEthicalFrameworktoSituateRestorativeJustice:LocatingtheConcernsofCommunitiesofColorinPeaceandJusticeDiscourse" inPeaceStudies between Tradition and Innovation.David writes frequently for PeaceVoice and is currently working on a volume entitled "The Intellectual and Political History of Peacemakers ofColor"

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