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High action surf and snow videos from Rip Curl International, taking you on the journey and on the search across the world. The thrill of discovery, chasing the unknown, the experience before, during and after... The search never ends.


Like some of the best stories, this one began with a whispered rumour of some far-flung islands. It sounded a bit tenuous, to be honest. The remoteness, and the vast distance of the islands from home, exacerbated the sense of doubt.

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There are levels of surfing perfection. At the highest level everything comes together. 1. Wind. 2. Tide. 3. Swell and 4. Crowd - or more importantly a lack thereof...

Over the years, Rip Curl’s flagship Search boat the Quest 1 had been a home away from home to the Rip Curl girls, but alas, she is no more. Earlier this year she unfortunately sunk – just a week before the girls were due to go on a Search trip.

At this point Dillon Perillo and Luke Hynd had already had their share of mysto reefs and hidden corners. Balinese hot rat Garut Widiarta, also on board, was barrel hardened at home in the Indo season, but Mick Fanning was busy being “Mick Fanning 3 X world champion, and man-of-the-moment-soon-to-be-shark puncher” – the role model all parents...