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High action surf and snow videos from Rip Curl International, taking you on the journey and on the search across the world. The thrill of discovery, chasing the unknown, the experience before, during and after... The search never ends.


481 - Tip 2 Tip: Un-Expectations. Episode 2.3 Overland

August 27th, 2010

Episode 78 of 142 episodes

On your standard 2-week boat trip, land is just an intangible film reel of white sand, coconut palms and distant mountains flickering on by. On your standard boat trip, you pass by at least one perfect wave a day because it's just too difficult to reach by boat under such cramped time constraints. On your standard boat trip, it's real easy to forget what you're missing over there on shore. Hence the beauty of this mission. On land or off, there are no rules. Every wave is important, just as every person and place along the way is too. Music: The Royal We - Silversun Pickups

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