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High action surf and snow videos from Rip Curl International, taking you on the journey and on the search across the world. The thrill of discovery, chasing the unknown, the experience before, during and after... The search never ends.


483 - Tip 2 Tip: Feral Obsession. Episode 3.2 Adversity

September 1st, 2010

Episode 80 of 142 episodes

When the doctors got done cutting out the 3/4 of staph-infected skull in Timmy's head in December, 2005, they said he would be a vegetable. They were very, very wrong. Today, Timmy is directing Albert Taylor over to the left he discovered almost 10 years ago. The memories flood back as if they were yesterday's. Bruno, Brady and Dillon watch the left cautiously as it grinds like lightning over a few inches of reef. Timmy grabs his board and turns to the boys: "We're out there!" he shouts, then jumps overboard. He's not wearing his helmet. He shouldn't even be here. Music: Simple Game - Seth Sentry

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