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489 - Tip 2 Tip: Fringe Benefits. Episode 5.2 Rights vs. Lefts

September 14th, 2010

Episode 86 of 142 episodes

There's nothing more painful than being confined to a boat and at the mercy of "majority rules" in the land of perfect lefts and rights. But this was the position young Wilko found himself in with natural-footers - and hence, right junkies - Kekoa Bacalso and Ben Dunn. Things got worse for Wilko when just as the crew had given up hope of scoring any perfect surf alone, they stumbled upon a beautiful beast (you'll see that on Friday). He finally got his time in juicy lefts though. And he shined. So you decide who flairs the most in this episode: the rights or lefts? Music: Hollywood - Codeine Celvet Club

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