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High action surf and snow videos from Rip Curl International, taking you on the journey and on the search across the world. The thrill of discovery, chasing the unknown, the experience before, during and after... The search never ends.


495 - Tip 2 Tip: Strike Mission. Episode 7.2 Retrospect

September 28th, 2010

Episode 92 of 142 episodes

One of the filmers, Jimmy Kinnaird, likes to torture each fresh passenger on the Tip 2 Tip mission. He's been on most of the trips and has been there to document some of the best days and biggest scores. So, what he does is put together these 10-minute edits of absolute gold to show the new crew on their way out to sea. This causes the froth level to get dangerously high as the waiting game ensues. But it's also a brilliant tactic, because when it's time to get in the water -- no matter if the waves are all-time or not -- you can be sure the boys will be firing on all cylinders. Music: FAIT010 - Be Mine Music: FAIT012 - Ride

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