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High action surf and snow videos from Rip Curl International, taking you on the journey and on the search across the world. The thrill of discovery, chasing the unknown, the experience before, during and after... The search never ends.


498 - Tip 2 Tip: Turning Back. Episode 8.2 The New Breed

October 5th, 2010

Episode 95 of 142 episodes

Talk about big shoes to fill. Being the sons of Tom Curren, Frank and Patrick have not only grown up in the water, they’ve grown up in the spotlight. And they’re shining. At 13 years old, Patrick is already damaging the amateur ranks in the US. And big brother Frank, at 15 years old, is already a top gun at his local break Rincon. But true to their bloodline, the Curren boys get most excited for the adventures away from the scene. And this trip with dad is only the beginning.

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