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05/04/08 Film Buffs Podcast

April 5th, 2008

Episode 20 of 258 episodes

Director Brian McKenzie talks about his work on the Love’s Harvest series of mini-documentaries, screening on SBS at 8pm, commencing Wednesday 9 April Paul Byrne has a review of 10,000 B.C. Screenwriter, teacher and father of C.W., Billy Marshall-Stoneking, is on the phone for a chat about drama Writer/director Rob McAuley is in to talk about his documentary, The Hunt for HMAS Sydney, screening on ABC1 at 8:30pm on Tuesday 15 April Mark Hartley and Ian Thompson are in with reviews of Vantage Point, Gone Baby Gone and 30 Days of Night, plus what’s hot with the Chicks and the Flannels Check out the Film Buffs interview archive

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