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06/06/09 Film Buffs Podcast

June 6th, 2009

Episode 81 of 258 episodes

Brian MacFarlane reviews the black comedy, A Film With Me In It, starring Dylan Moran; Paul Harris, Mark Hartley and Brian discuss some recent notable deaths in the British film industry; Paul Byrne reviews the straight-to-DVD release, The Guitar; Nick Matteo reviews Castle (9.30pm Sunday, Seven) and House Of Saddam (Showcase); director Fiona Cochran and actor Nina Landis discuss Fiona's latest film, Four Of A Kind; Mark reviews the straight-to-DVD release, My Name Is Bruce, directed by and starring Bruce Campbell; Ian Thompson reviews the DVD releases Special, Columbus Day and Phantom Punch and gives the rundown on what's hot with the Chicks and the Flannels.

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