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09/04/11 Film Buffs Podcast

April 10th, 2011

Episode 162 of 258 episodes

Thomas Caldwell reviews Sucker Punch; Alan Lovett joins Paul Harris in the studio to chat about the upcoming St Kilda Film Festival Trivia Night; director Monte Hellman is on the phone with Paul to discuss his movie, Two-Lane Blacktop, which is screening with a new 35mm print at The Astor Theatre; Kristian Connelly, General Manager of Cinema Nova, joins Paul to talk about his career in cinema management and the changing face of cinema in Melbourne, including regular digital screenings; Brian McFarlane pays tribute to Michael Gough and Carol Marsh, and reviews two UK movies on DVD: Cherry Bomb and The Man Who Lost His Head; and Peter Phelps is on the phone to discuss The Lighthorsemen, about to be re-issued in the lead-up to ANZAC Day.

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