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11/12/10 Film Buffs Podcast

January 1st, 2011

Episode 147 of 258 episodes

Thomas Caldwell and Rochelle Siemienowicz are your co-hosts this week, focussing on Australian cinema... Lee Zachariah and Paul Anthony Nelson review Red Hill; Tina Kaufman is on the phone to discuss her monograph on Wake In Fright, published as part of the Currency Press Australian Screen Classics series; Thomas speaks with the President of the Australian Screen Editors Guild, Jason Ballantine, about the craft of editing for cinema; Mark Lipkin, founder of Digital Independent Cinema Exhibition, is in the studio to give the rundown on this new monthly screening event; Rochelle and Thomas discuss the AFI Award winners for 2010, followed by interviews with Peter Spierig, co-director of Daybreakers, and Jacob Hickey, director of the documentary, Inside The Firestorm, both AFI Award-winning films.

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