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20/10/12 Film Buffs Podcast

October 21st, 2012

Episode 207 of 258 episodes

Amiel Courtin-Wilson joins Paul Harris in the studio to discuss his work method, career and award-winning latest feature, Hail, commencing theatrical screenings at Cinema Nova and selected cinemas around Australia this week. Check out the website for the movie at http://www.hailmovie.com/ for more details. Ella Lehaf gives the rundown on her new initiative, Shorts On Demand Nick Matteo reviews Κωλόπαιδα (Jerks) and Tungsten, screening as part of the Greek Film Festival at Cinema Como (and other capital cities) until 4 November. Nick continues with reviews of Hornet's Nest and Act Of Vengeance (a.k.a. Rape Squad), and Gary Hillberg reviews the spy spoof The Liquidator and The Hanging Tree. All of these films are available on DVD through the Warner Archive.

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