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Dr Shane, Dr Lauren, Dr Jeff and Dr Catherine discuss stem cell study, blood test for autism, social media use and medical marijuana oxford study. First guest: Dr Helen Czerski, University College London, BBC, tells us all about her work with ocean bubbles and how they interact with the atmosphere. Second guest: Dr Chengxue Helena Qin, Senior...

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This week Dr Jenny, Dr Euan and Dr Chris join Dr Shane in the studio. In news, mitochondrial genomes helps track the movements of Indigenous Australia over the last 50,000 years; Neanderthals store DNA of their meals in their dental plaque; virtual reality; and bees. Recorded interview with Mathew Noyes, software lead at NASA Johnson Space...

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Einstein A Go Go - 5 March

March 6th, 2017

Einstein A Go Go - 5th March 2017 Dr Lauren, Dr Ailie, Dr Ray and Dr Shane News items: Amazonian DNA domestication, Bacterial microfossil filaments and storing information in DNA. First Guest: Carmel Johnson spent a year on a mission for Hawaii Space Analog Simulation (HI-SEAS). The aim of the mission was to explore possible difficulties...

Dr Shane is joined by Dr Ailie and Dr Ray, to chat about Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf, new insights into the evolution of gills, the proposed continent of Zealandia, and the newly discovered Trappist 1 planetary system. The team talk to Dr Ronelle Welton from the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, University of Melbourne, about...