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Einstein A Go Go - 10 February 2013

February 10th, 2013

Episode 237 of 433 episodes

Dr Shane, Chris K-P, Dr Lauren and Dr Dyani are back for another exciting year of science! They talk about how wingless pea aphids control their falling and landing, trials that may lead to a cure for diabetes, a study on folic acid and cancer rates, a close asteroid flyby, encounters with Australian Fur Seals, 'eye'-pads and Richard III. The team talk to Dr Gillian Mitchell, Director, Familial Cancer Centre at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Alison Amos, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia, about the disease and its symptoms, and about making a difference to the lives of those affected. http://www.ovariancancer.net.au/ They also talk to Dr Robyn Schofield - research fellow, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Group at the University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences; about pollution in Antarctica. For more information visit: http://einsteinagogo.net/

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