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Einstein A Go Go - 10 November 2013

November 10th, 2013

Episode 273 of 433 episodes

Dr Shane, Dr Dyani, ChrisKP and Dr Ray discuss the Chelyabinsk meteor event, how bees land, personalised medicine by sampling your breath for diagnosis, Lin28a protean for hair regrowth and self experimentation stories. First guest, Dr Sam Balaton-Chrimes, Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University, discusses indigenous people in Indonesia who used to inhabit the forest now find their lands converted to palm oil production. Second guest, Emily Dunstan, General Manager of Community Conservation at Zoos Victoria, talks about her work in the "Don’t Palm Us Off" campaign to establish a future where all palm oil entering Australia is sustainably produced and clearly labelled, so that consumers can ensure their purchases are not driving the destruction of habitat and wildlife. For more information visit us at:http://einsteinagogo.net/

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