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Einstein A Go Go - 17 July 2016

July 19th, 2016

Episode 388 of 433 episodes

Dr Shane is joined in the studio with fellow Einstein A Go Go team members Dr Chromo, Dr Krystal and Dr Ailie. The team kick the show off with science news. Dr Chromo talks nature under threat, then shares recent studies into whether the immune system could be controlling your behaviour.Dr Krystal shares recent (accidental) developments with Graphene, a material stronger than steel and as hard as diamond. Dr Ailie then delves into the world of dinosaurs and alternative extinction theories. Dr Shane then explains we have a new dwarf planet in our midst. First Guest: Dr Alisa Barry - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Dr Alisa joins the team in the studio to discuss different types of Malaria and more specifically one particular strain which isn't often talked about. Second Guest : Ms. Nadia Bellofiore - Hudson Research Institute. Nadia joins in the team in the studio to discuss the somtimesrarely spoken about topic of menstruation. More specifically menstruation in mice, answering the age old question, 'Do mice get periods?' Dr Krystal then leads a discussion with the team on the ever developing area of genes and asks the question; Can you change your genes? Remember, Science is everywhere, Including : Program page: http://www.rrr.org.au/program/einstein-a-go-go/ Facebook page: Einstein A Go Go Twitter: https://twitter.com/einstein_agogo

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