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Einstein A Go Go - 19 July 2015

July 20th, 2015

Episode 343 of 433 episodes

This week on Einstein A Go-Go, Dr Shane is joined in the studio byDr Dyani and Dr Chromo. Together they begin the show sharing some recent Science news. Topics include the latest in: - Microbiome research - The health effects of a walk in the park - Star Trek inspired technology - The very exciting recently finalised Pluto Mission. First Guest: ProfessorCanagasingham from CSIRO Perth joins the team by phoneto discuss the recent advancements and personalsuccessin the area of Eyecareexamsin rural/remote areas. Second Guests: Professor Mark Cook from St. Vincent's Hospital & the University of Melbourne / Dr David Liley from Swinburne University Brain & Psychological Sciences research centre, join the team in the studio to discuss in depth, the world of Epilepsy. Going on to explainthe advancements in the area of invasive and non-invasive treatment of the disease. The discussion then continues into the world of seizures and seizure control for patients. Program page:http://www.rrr.org.au/program/einstein-a-go-go/Facebook page:Einstein A Go GoTwitter:https://twitter.com/einstein_agogo

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