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Einstein A Go Go - 23 June 2013

June 24th, 2013

Episode 255 of 433 episodes

Dr Chris KP, Dr Dyani and Dr Adam take us yet again on another thrilling adventure into science. New items: Cold war Brains and hippocampal neurogenesis, Naked Mole rats – gooping cancer with hyaluronic acid, Petabyte Optics - 10 years of HDTV on a single disk! 1st Guest: Professor David Liley Swinburne University How anaesthetic drugs act upon the brain. Can you say Magnetoencephalogram? Cognitive neuroscientists can, and do! Often! 2nd Guest: Dr Ian Curran: Dr Ian Curran combines active clinical practice as a consultant anaesthetist and pain specialist with passionate advocacy for the importance of effective medical education in making doctors safe and competent practitioners. 3rd Guest: Karina Needham, PhD Research Fellow, University of Melbourne: Research into potential therapies for the improved treatment of hearing loss.

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