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Einstein A Go Go - 27 April 2014

May 5th, 2014

Episode 290 of 433 episodes

Dr Shane is joined by Dr Dyani, Dr Krystal and Dr Adam. In science news, the Y chromosome is not deteriorating, it's smaller but it's stable. The tsetse fly - vampire of the insect world, feeds only on blood, gives live-birth to their offspring and provides them with milk. Also, from Brazil, the female penis... First guest is Dr Willy-John Martin from the Walter Eliza Hall Institute, in to discuss rhuematic fever and immune system friendly-fire response. Followed by Associate Prefossor Bronwyn Fox, research Director of the Carbon Nexus program at Deakin University, on the show to discuss carbon fibre compositions. And a book review of The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert.

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