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Einstein A Go Go - 3 November 2013

November 4th, 2013

Episode 272 of 433 episodes

Joining Dr Shane this week is Dr Lauren, Dr David and Dr Chromo.In science news - reindeer eyes, robo-roaches and what happens when dark matter and xenon particles meet?The largest wind farm in Africa opening in Ethiopia. A much more efficient way of producing electricity than the hydro-electricity they currently use. And their efforts put Australia's efforts to shame!A new theory suggest that snakes are so prominent in our psyche as something to fear because they played a fundamental role in the evolution of primates, as the biggest post-dinosaur, pre-big cat danger.The studio guest is Jess McKelson, founder and tour director of Raw Wildlife Encounters, an eco-tourism travel agency. They also raise funds for conservation efforts including fighting deforestation in Aceh, Indonesia www.rawildlife.com.au.

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