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Einstein A Go Go - 30 June 2013

July 3rd, 2013

Episode 256 of 433 episodes

This week on a special guest-free Einstein A Go Go, the doctors each present a fascinating story. First, Dr Shane discusses geomagnetic reversal, which is the name given to the phenomenon of the earth's magnetic poles reversing. The most recent occurrence was about 41000 years ago and lasted 440 years and it's likely to happen again.Dr Dyani talks evolution through fossil records. How we establish the age of a fossil and techniques for finding out if the fossil is an ancestor of humans or even a distant relative on the human family tree.Keeping with the evolution theme, Dr Lauren discusses the "un-intelligent design" of the eye. How the eye has had a relatively short evolutionary lifespan from a simple flat layer of cells to the complex system we have today. einsteinagogo.net

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