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Einstein A Go Go - 4th August 2013

August 4th, 2013

Episode 261 of 433 episodes

Dr Shayne, Dr Lauren, Dr Alicia, Dr David a.k.a. Dangermouse News items: Smells! Can you smell malt? What are the four main groups? What does the world really smell like? New compounds for old problems, targeting opioid receptors with dopamine blockers. T-Rex (not the band) teeth have been found encased inside hadrosaur. Unexpected Russian impact explosion and the offending asteroid orbit. First Guest: David Staehr – Kaniva College Maths and Science teacher Kaniva College and the Bridge Building Competition. This is the tenth consecutive year that Kaniva College has entered the competition, and David has been the organising/supervising teacher for all ten years. Kaniva College has won the last five, and six of the last seven Victorian competitions. Second Guest: Jane Cunningham, Bridge Engineer, Aurecon A graduate bridge engineer who has been working with Aurecon for just over a year. She spent a couple of months in the Bridge team before being temporarily transferred to the Telecommunications team to work on the Optus network upgrades in Victoria. Third item from Dr David: Accidents that were scientific breakthroughs! Penicillin, thermal printers, Scotchguard, vulcanised rubber, post it note and smart dust. Fourth Item from Dr Alicia: Violence, upheaval! How climate change can correlate with social behaviour.

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