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Einstein A Go Go - 8 December 2013

December 8th, 2013

Episode 276 of 433 episodes

Einstein A Go Go - 8 December 2013 Dr Shane, Dr Dyani, Dr Ray and Dr Chris KP News: Lots of news from PNAS. Is your brain wired like your opposite gendered counterpart? Dr Dyani has all the detail. Are you a Copepod? Holographic fluid flows show how stealthy seahorses are the last thing you’ll see. Dr Ray fills us in. Dr. Chris KP has all the latest with regard to scent glands and the odour produced. Dr Shane presents new findings which show a relationship between autistic mice and bacterial infections. Also, how do you tell if a mouse is anxious? Find out here. Guest: Jacinta den Besten, Administator of the School Astronomy Pilot Program, tells us all about the Telescopes in Schools program. Madhooshi Senarath from Pascoe Vale Girls College tells us about her award winning photography currently on display at the planetarium in Melbourne. If your school is interested in observing the night sky or taking photos of celestial bodies, get involved here: http://telescopesinschools.wordpress.com/ Dr Ray: Ever wondered what Paris would look like through the eyes of a dog or a cat? Find out about the new virtual reality software offering a very revealing perspective. More here: http://www.alleyesonparis.com/index_en.html Dr Chris KP: Sit tight folks, Dr Chris KP brings us Wi-Fi through the eye of a singularity. Science is everywhere. Including: Twitter: @einstein_agogo and http://einsteinagogo.net/

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