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Einstein A Go Go Podcast: Aug 3rd 2008

August 3rd, 2008

Episode 53 of 433 episodes

Today's show featured two more Fresh Scientists for 2008. We chatted with Catia Domingues on her worrying research that indicates our oceans are warming at a rate faster than was previously thought, and Dr Susan Angus about her research on silicon radio-frequency single electron transistors for quantum computers. There was a liquid theme to the science news for the week – Phoenix confirms water on Mars, Cassini confirms liquid hydrocarbon lakes on Titan, and oceanographers plan to dive 1.6km to the bottom ofthe Earth's deepest lake - Lake Baikal in Russia. Also, how would you convince someone to give you their seat on a crowded train? Listen to find out. For more information visit http://einsteinagogo.net/

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