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Einstein A Go Go Podcast: Jul 27th 2008

July 27th, 2008

Episode 52 of 433 episodes

It was a massive show! 'Fresh Scientist' Jennifer Koplin from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute told us about her research which shows that, in contrast to the popular myth, drinking soy milk or soy-based formula does not trigger peanut allergy in children. There was also live ukulele music from musical guest Bernard who had been challenged to write a song about microwave background radiation. Other stories were: dissecting a giant squid at Melbourne Museum, mystery bugs at the London Museum of Natural History, NASA needs urine, facial tumours in Tassie Devils, the northernmost hydrothermal vent yet discovered, using tequila to make diamond films, and the science communication of risk communication.For more information visit http://einsteinagogo.net/

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