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All Over The Shop - 01 December 2011

December 2nd, 2011

Episode 29 of 76 episodes

Stew somewhat startlingly reveals that he lies at home and thinks of death, and Larry adds that he is starting to embrace the idea (i.e. of his death and not Stew’s, on this occasion). As a result, they launch their new investigation into Fantasy Funerals, for which Stew, designing his own send-off, proposes a floating sin palace with recreational pharmaceuticals, grog, and gambling, plus finger food. On no authority other than his own, and his claim of owning an imaginary pointy conical hat, Leapster presents horoscopes for the particularly credulous, containing valuable astrological advice such as telling people to eat more fruit and clean up the bathroom. And then there’s more of what Larry calls tenuously connected gibberish that kind of goes on and on like that, until it’s all over. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Drug references, sex references of a particularly tawdry nature, toilet-related material, and swearing words feature throughout this entirely unnecessary program. And the worrying concept of the Exploding Chop.

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