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All Over The Shop - 01 March 2012

March 3rd, 2012

Episode 36 of 76 episodes

The education system and capitalism are both found wanting as Stew makes a sudden unilateral decision that the first syllable of the brand name Palmolive are pronounced as in a three letter word meaning friend. Larry already thinks Stew has lost what’s left of his tiny mind at this point, and rapidly becomes entirely convinced, as Stew describes an insanely expensive degustipation type restaurant experience that he and three companions recently indulged in, in which they ate the likes of Goat Feet in Armpit Sauce, Chocolate Frosted Smoked Eel, Oyster Parts in Jelly, and crab sandwich, which almost sounds edible, except it had cantaloupe slices instead of bread. Larry is convinced this sounds more like a Fear Factor episode than fine dining, and when Stew notes the luncheon took four hours, observes that the discussion of it seems to have lasted even longer. No matter how long it goes on for, make sure you hang around for the punch-line, when Stew finally spits out how much all this actually cost and Leapster suffers an instantaneous myocardial infarction. Also, it is revealed that Davy Jones played one of the Banana Splits, and that the height of his fame was three foot eight. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – No shortage of swearing and groin jokes, plus transparently poor taste eulogy, but the most obscene thing here by millions of miles is when Stew says how much lunch cost.

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