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All Over The Shop - 02 August 2012

August 5th, 2012

Episode 58 of 76 episodes

More or less a series of rude remarks and dithery diatribes in which Stew invents the more or less fictitious ABC radio segment Faine’s Funnies; an old expression is slightly readjusted to describe visiting a certain part of the suburb of St Kilda, so Running the Gauntlet becomes Running the Gatwick; and it is alleged that police now calm potentially dangerous mob scenes by yelling the name of a certain TV host into a megaphone to make them sleepy. Also, exclusive revelations of how reality TV will be improved by the slight retitling of one show to MasterShemp, which will now be based around Three Stooges imitations, with an assist from Bruce Springsteen and the Holden Precision Driving Team. Utter baldercack and poppydosh throughout. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains all the usual rotten words, defamity and profanderny, and groin talk, plus rather more ill-humour and celeb pummelling than usual, such as when it is suggested that Mrs Beckham has got so thin that in emergency situations, people can use her to pick locks. So you probably shouldn’t listen. Again.

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