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All Over The Shop - 02 February 2012

February 13th, 2012

Episode 32 of 76 episodes

The stunning, or stunned, return of AOTS to the airwaves for 2012 contains Stew and Larry’s new alternative to sane editorial comment, Nongshells. Also features the return of the usual tripe including On This Day and Beyond the News, plus the reliably excitement-free recounting of What We Done on our Holidays and Stew making an accidental unilateral announcement apparently indicating that he and Leapster have both switched to men as a sexual preference, which there’s every chance that he didn’t mean, if English were to ever come out of his mouth the way it originally looked in his head. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains swearing, tawdry groin references and monumental amounts of drivel, so no change there.

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