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All Over The Shop - 03 May 2012

May 4th, 2012

Episode 45 of 76 episodes

In the long-awaited return of Farrell Up The Arts following it already turning up the previous week, Stew reviews Redd Kross and the Cherry Rock fest, concluding that it was easy to get a beer and thus everyone had a great time, pretty much. Together, Larry and Stew provide their own improvements to the recent Victorian State Budget, with Larry suggesting even greater cuts of everything so that absolutely nothing will work anymore, and Stew suggesting a consumer rebate for steamed dim-sims via a logic so convoluted and unintelligible, it actually sounds like a real policy. Also Spanish forces are attacked accidentally due to poor handwriting,all fussy eaters are deported from England, and Stew tries to plug his brain directly into the studio console, resulting in a technical malfunction of one or the other. A show that goes from the ramshackle to the ridiculous. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Usual depraved language and groin references throughout. Children, the elderly, the politically correct and square-pants sobersides should all avoid listening.

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