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All Over The Shop - 03 Nov 2011

November 7th, 2011

Episode 25 of 76 episodes

In a revolutionary development in the show called the Style/Life/Style Files, Larry reveals the style secrets of summer, such as handbags being good for putting things in, and sunglasses being best applied to the face. In the return of A Waft from Stews Kitchen, Stew gives a recipe for Jamaican Jerk Chicken which seems to involve a confusingly large amount of pork as a side dish, and explains that when he and a friend had a mini-competition to see who could do the best version of this dish, it was officially referred to as a Jerk-Off. Also Larry suggests that nothing comes to Stews mind during the show except for his finger, via the nostril. Slap-happy idiocy in the grand AOTS tradition. CLASSIFICATION WARNING Includes the usual trawler-load of swearing and groin references, plus some highly suspicious references to apples and bananas.

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