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All Over The Shop - 04 August 2011

August 5th, 2011

Episode 12 of 76 episodes

Stew, struck on the head by either a crate of olives at work or an adult education course suddenly believes he can speak Italian. Additionally, he accidentally invents a language of his own, and states that he has something called The Fonk, and that he is Permped. Larry declares Stew’s SMS service to be, quote, Death in Entertainment, unquote, and is placed in a temporary coma by commercial TV news services’ sudden and frankly insane obsession with a slight change in the weather. Also Stew sets a new world speed-nose picking record, the mysterious case of the vanishing radio station milk jug is examined, and Leapster explains how Stew’s new puppy has nearly succeeded in toilet-training Stew. Or, as Stew misquotes an old Palmolive Gold jingle – don’t wait to be told you smell like a toilet. A veritable avalanche of pure balderdash. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Beyond the usual tawdry single entendre groin references and swearing words, there is nearly as much dog pee on this show as there is in Stew’s house at the moment.

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