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All Over The Shop - 04 March 2010

July 6th, 2011

Episode 6 of 76 episodes

In this show from our AOTS Vintage Series, (i.e. we were too slack to put it up as a plodgecask before now), we celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the microphone by Emil Berliner, by saying we still use the original Berliner XP1 model on RRR, with Stew adding that it’s made of wood. Also, Leapster gets distracted while reading a tragic historical item concerning a deadly outbreak of Spanish Flu, and finds himself singing a Herb Alpert tune, Stew announces that he feels like he’s holding a vibrating carrot, and we learn about a cat called Minge, bondage handbags, and why having a show on Mix-FM is allegedly just like being in a witness protection program. Outstanding, and vintage, guff. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains all the usual swearing and groin references, only in this case they’re older.

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