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All Over The Shop - 05 April 2012

April 9th, 2012

Episode 41 of 76 episodes

This star-plopped episode sees the unheralded and largely unwanted return of both Nongshells – Stew and Larry’s tabloid editorial-style bombshells that don’t quite work – and Bland Power, where various products and that good ol’ Aussie service are found either excellent or lacking. Plus Stew’s famous Farrelogue takes an in-close and up-depth look at Adelaide – or the pubs thereof, anyway – in which Stew hails the picturesque city in question as Crap Town, and reveals he accidentally booked himself and a mate into what he later realised was a Root Den. And irrefutable science proves that a large dinosaur had feathers, shot blue flame from its knees and had a rectangular hole in its head which could be used for making toast. Another unmissable and/or unlistenable program. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Poo jokes, groin jokes, and rude words in roughly the quantity that Australian cities’ New Year’s Eve celebrations have fireworks.

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